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At a Bidyanondo

Education is the most critical part in the economic and social development of any nation. For India to achieve overall development Alessio Cerci Atletico Madrid Jersey , it is extremely important for the Government to focus on providing education to every stratum of the society. India has been touted as the next super power for a long time now, but the fact is Yannick Carrasco Jersey , India is still a poor and developing nation. One of the major reasons for this state is the low levels of literacy, especially in the rural sectors of the country. The government is trying to establish the importance of education for the country’s development; unfortunately the same intensity isn’t seen in rural India. There is also a vast disparity in the level and the quality of education that is provided in rural and urban India.

Education for the Overall Growth of India

The difference between India and other developed countries in the world is the fact that India has much lower literacy rate as compared to others. Here are some quick facts why literacy and development go hand in hand.

• Illiteracy and inconsistent levels of education in India are hampering the modernization of the Indian society Tiago Mendes Jersey , which in turn is having a negative effect on the industrial growth of the nation.
• Lack of a skilled workforce is adding to the economic woes in the corporate sector, as every industry relies on its manpower and proficiency of their employees for its development.
• When the corporate sector doesn’t get the desired talent and skill Thomas Partey Jersey , they do not function successfully.
• If they don’t get success, it inadvertently hampers the industrial growth of the nation Stefan Savic Jersey , which is directly linked to the economic development.

Though a lot of Indian educational institutions are considered premiere in the world, they are accessible to only a minuscule portion of the society. India has one of the most talented workforces in the field of Science and Technology; still a major part of the country doesn’t have access to even the most basic and primary education. This needs to change so that more efforts can be invested in nation building as opposed to just focusing on basic or primary level of education in India. This can be achieved with the help of NGO’s and the corporate sector Sime Vrsaljko Jersey , as they need to start inculcating relevant skills and talent at a grass root level.

Role of Corporate Sector in India’s Educational Development

The corporate sector is the primary consumer of the final outcome of the Indian education system and hence they understand the importance of education. Unfortunately, there is a huge scarcity of a skilled work force in almost every sector in India Saul Niguez Jersey , both on a qualitative and quantitative level. Even though every company provides a new recruit with the necessary training, they are still heavily reliant on the education that is provided at school and college level.

Due to this Nicolas Gaitan Jersey , a lot of IT majors in the country are working with the education sector to impart relevant skills at the tertiary level of education. Since the private corporate sector completely depends on the talent they hire for sustaining in the industry, it is imperative for them to invest in the education sector. If qualitative education is provided to the Indian population Miguel Angel Moya Jersey , it can increase the efficiency of the future workforcetalent in the country.

DHAKA, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- Eating a meal for 1 taka in Bangladesh's capital city of Dhaka would have been unimaginable even a decade ago and by today's standards a meal for less than 1 U.S. dollar (80 taka) in the city can't be found even from a street vendor.

But thanks to an organization called the Bidyanondo Foundation, a meal for just 1 taka is available daily for underprivileged children.

The Bidyanondo Foundation's policy is to charge 1 taka so as not to be viewed as giving handouts to the children, and for the children's part, paying the money, as little as it is, is a matter of pride and allows them not to view themselves negatively as beggars.

Thanks to the foundation's generosity, hundreds of impoverished children in the capital and in other places in the country can regularly receive a decent, nutritional meal for next to nothing.

The organization is headed by Founder and Chairman, Kishor Kumar Das, who currently works for Google in Puru. His technical prowess has been injected into the foundation for it to also provide a myriad of other charitable solutions to the underprivileged.

These include virtual educational solutions for poor students who can utilize digital technology to help free themselves from the shackles of poverty and fight on an equal footing with the more fortunate to gain employment, having received pre-career education and guidance provided by the altruistic foundation.

As for the 1 taka mission, dozens of volunteers at the foundation prepare and pack around 750 food parcels daily to be distributed to the children, who, would quite likely otherwise not be able to get a decent meal.

At a Bidyanondo center in Dhaka's downtown area of Mirpur, dozens of volunteers were busy removing the shells from hard boiled eggs. Sultana Jannat Shikha, one of the regular volunteers told Xinhua that everyone was working there of their own volition and putting in a hard graft purely for the benefit and wellbeing of the children, for whom their efforts, from cooking to distribution, are an essential daily lifeline.

Shikha said the volunteers are delighted to be able to feed so many children, while helping them maintain their self-esteem by accepting their one taka notes or coins. In addition, the children lining up for food are also given liquid soap to clean their hands with and keep the conditions sanitary, which is also paramount to their overall health.

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